Timothy Uriah Steele
Timothy Uriah Steele
Hexes, Divinations and Concussions
Maitland Foley

Artist Timothy Uriah Steele graduated with an MFA in Painting from Rhode
Island School of Design and a BFA in Painting from Humboldt State
University. He was born in Oregon, raised in Southern California and
currently resides in New York City. "Hexes, Divinations and Concussions"
at Maitland Foley marks his first solo show in Los Angeles. Previously, he
has exhibited his work in group shows at The Hole and Joshua Liner
Gallery in New York City. Steele has been featured in New York Magazine
as well as WMagazine.com.
In this new body of work, Steele reveals the fetish. The fetish embodies the
spirit of the aggressor, who is then hung by the maker. It is seen floating
where the dark water meets the horizon, pierced by flaming arrows, that
also resemble matchsticks. These scenes reflect a desire to slay one's
demons; the persons and experiences that haunt the maker. Religious
undertones drift amidst the mine field of the mental landscape. Real or
imagined threats, permeate the work. You find yourself unknowingly living
your whole life in a world of disaster. Suddenly the veil is lifted.
Hexes: Casting an ideational net to affect an inter-subjective perception of
Divinations: Reading the signs of chaos to draw forth the narratives
concealed by the future
Concussions: Trauma in time and memory; erased moments or received
“The thaw of disassociation”
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